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One minute of metal read-through of a scientific paper: the way forward for #scicomm?


Here’s the video …

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Here’s the paper …

O’Loughlin, L.S. & Green P.T. (2015) Invader-invader mutualism influences land snail community composition and alters invasion success of alien species in tropical rainforest. Biological Invasions 17(9), 2659-2674 // PDF DOI


Little snails dig on leaves, indifferent to crabs

Secondary Invasion Part 3 – First, a brief recap… Yellow crazy ants invade rainforest on Christmas Island… They kill the native red land crab… And facilitate the high abundance of a whole community of exotic land snails (read the publication or the blog). So we know the mechanism of invasion success when it comes to those land snails…? Crab deletion right? Hmm, not quite the full story.  Continue reading Little snails dig on leaves, indifferent to crabs