Australia: a 5-star fine dining experience (for felines)

Just when you thought there were no more Smorgys… or that we only had that one Sizzler left… or that Pizza Hut’s ‘The Works‘ was a thing of the past…. Well it turns out the entire continent of Australia is a regular all-you-can-eat buffet!

So theres a whole bunch of feral cats out there and we need to know what they are eating. Turns out it is a lot…. No seriously A LOT.

Head Chef Tim, together with a 5-star team, got the results of all the diet studies of feral cats from all over Australia together in one place and found some interesting patterns.

Presented here is just a snapshot- feral cats eat 400 vertebrate species, they most commonly prey on rabbits, they eat a whole bunch of threatened animals, in different areas they eat different things, and they eat way more native species when there’s no rabbits. But that’s just the entree – there’s a whole main course of information in there.

For the actual science of this story you should definitely read the paper and contact the authors if you have any questions.

Doherty TS, Davis RA, van Etten EJB, Algar D, Collier N, Dickman CR, Edwards G, Masters P, Palmer R and Robinson S (2015) A continental-scale analysis of feral cat diet in AustraliaJournal of Biogeography 42: 964-975.

K!E#5 by Luke S. O’Loughlin

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